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Architecture plays a crucial role in shaping our culture and environment. As architects and designers, we strive to create spaces that not only reflect our time and values, but also inspire and elevate the human experience. We understand that the places we design have a profound impact on the way we live, work, learn, heal, and connect with each other.

At Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interiors, we take this responsibility to heart. We are a global network of professionals, working collaboratively across offices and sectors to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our expertise in design, research, and management allows us to create tailored and holistic designs that integrate seamlessly into their context.

We believe that the best solutions are born out of diverse perspectives and experiences. By fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, we are able to push boundaries and create designs that truly enrich people’s lives. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and professionalism is at the core of everything we do, and we take pride in delivering value-driven and impactful designs that make a positive difference in the world

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional engineering and interior design services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and exceptional quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of innovative engineering and interior design solutions in the industry. We aspire to constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries and deliver creative and sustainable designs that positively impact the world around us.

Our service

As engineering consultancy firm we provide many services for all kind of segmentation

Architecture & Consultancy

Welcome to our architecture service! We are a team of experienced architects who are passionate
about creating innovative and sustainable designs that meet the needs of our clients.

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Interior Design

Welcome to our Interior Design Service! We offer personalized and unique designs that reflect your
style and meet your needs.
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Welcome to our Healthcare Facility Design Service! We specialize in healthcare facilities design
services to create safe, efficient, and welcoming environments for patients, staff, and visitors.

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Landscape Design

Welcome to our Landscape Design Service! Where we specialize in creating beautiful and functional
outdoor spaces through our professional landscape designers .

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Founder | CEO | Principal Architect

Rabie Al Bahri

Partner | Head of Interior Design

Fadia Al Hennawi

Operations Manager - Interior Design

Lana Al Habbash PMP

Operations Manager (Dubai) - Senior Architect

Ghaeth Mousto

Operations Manager (Abu Dhabi) - Senior Architect

Haytham Zikry

Operations Manager (Al Ain) - Senior Architect

Mohab Kawanna



Architecture not only reflects our time and culture, but also shapes it. As architects and designers, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. It is our essential humanity that moves us to do good, create places that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.
Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interiors is a worldwide network of pro- fessionals, strategically located and working seamlessly as one firm with individual expertise in design, research and management. We work together in teams across offices and across sectors to deliver exceptional value to our clients. The value of talent, experience and knowledge from across the globe is multiplied when shared.

Eng. Rabie Samih AL Bahri

Our Clients