Our Team: Experts in Creativity

Our team at ALBAHRI is made up of highly skilled professionals who combine creativity and expertise to produce exceptional designs. Our architects, designers, and civil engineers work together to understand our clients’ visions and create innovative and functional designs. With years of experience, our architects are experts at balancing creativity and functionality while our designers bring a strong background in interior design to create stunning, tailored designs. Our civil engineers ensure our designs are structurally sound and safe. What sets us apart is our collaborative approach to produce innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing results every time.

Rabie S. Al Bahri

Rabie Al Bahri – Founder | CEO | Principal Architect

Meet Rabie Al Bahri, a highly successful architect and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the Middle Eastern market. As the founder and CEO of Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy and Interior Design, he has brought his passion for innovative design to life, delivering unparalleled engineering solutions and high-quality interior design across the UAE.

With Rabie’s unmatched expertise in both architecture and interior design, he has carved a reputation for delivering unique, creative, and functional concepts to commercial and residential spaces. Under his leadership, his company has become one of the top professional firms in the UAE. They have a team of experienced and skilled engineers and designers offering a wide range of services which includes architectural engineering, MEP design, medical planning, structural engineering, and project management.

Rabie’s commitment to excellence and hard work has transformed Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy and Interior Design into a reputable and reliable company in the industry. The company has a portfolio encompassing some of the most coveted projects in the UAE. Rabie’s vision , and his team continues to push the boundaries of design and innovation in the field of engineering and interior design.

Partner | Head of Interior Design

Fadia Al Hennawi

Operations Manager - Interior Design

Lana Al Habbash PMP

Operations Manager (Abu Dhabi) - Senior Architect

Haytham Zikry

Operations Manager (Dubai) - Senior Architect

Ghaeth Mousto

Operations Manager (Al Ain) - Senior Architect

Mohab Kawanna

Project Manager - Senior Mechanical Engineer

Muhammad Nabeel Mughal Saiffuddin PMP

Operations Manager - Medical Projects

Sulaiman Dayoub

Senior Architect | BIM Manager

Mossab Hassan Mohamed

Senior Structural Engineer

Mohammed Elimam

Senior Electrical Engineer

Afsal Thayyil

Accounts Manager

Mostafa Bayoumi

Public Relations Officer

Thabet Eldessouki

Landscape Architect

Shady Ibrahem Mahmoud Ali


Ammar Wannous


Samar Altaweel

Architect - Medical Projects

Jhaybelle Anne Paraiso


Dana Elhout

Structural Engineer

Lora Samy

Senior Civil Engineer

Musatafa Hussain Mrbia

Civil Engineer

Bavly Zakhary

Civil Engineer

Mahmoud Shikh Alghanameh

Civil Engineer/Admin

Tonee Mari Vergara

Civil Engineer

Muhanad Alkhamis

Senior Interior Detailer

Arnel Mediana

Senior Interior Architect

Esraa Khalifa

Interior Architect

Nour Orfali

Interior Architect

Sandy Berro

Interior Architect

Haya Jamal Nakrour

Interior Architect

Sahar Mohammed El-Akram

3D Visualizer

Mohamed Shafeq Ullissery

3D Visualizer

Safeek Mon Thathrampally

Senior Draftsman

Rajesh Nagarajan

Senior Draftsman

Fareez Kareem

Senior Draftsman

Bukari Nalupurappattil

Senior Draftsman

Naushad Mohammedali